Humming, Whooshing and Clicking: What 6 Common Heat Pump Noises Mean

October 13, 2020

When your heat pump is operating correctly, it should give you almost noiseless heating and cooling. It’s expected for it to create some noise when it’s turning on or working. But loud or odd noises are frequently a sign that your heat pump needs pro repair.

Here are a few of the most common heat pump noise complaints we get calls about and what they signify. When your heat pump isn’t working right or making odd sounds, our heating and cooling specialists are here to help with the best heat pump repair in Albuquerque.

1. Heat Pump Making a Humming Noise

Your heat pump uses electricity to heat and cool your home, so it’s common for it to make some humming noises as it operates. But if those noises are disruptive or your heat pump is making a humming noise inside, it’s often because there’s an electrical issue. Sometimes this is caused by a dilapidated component, or it could be an inoperable fan motor. Whatever the issue is, I-Deal HVAC can help.

2. Heat Pump Making Loud Noise

If your heat pump is making loud noises in cold weather, it might be the result of switching to defrost mode. You may hear a whooshing noise as your unit works to defrost itself and remove frost from its coils. This frost can build up because of the temperature and humidity levels. Defrost mode is totally normal, but if your heat pump is icing up a lot or fully frozen, you might be dealing with another situation. The fix can be as easy as replacing the air filter or as in-depth as needing more refrigerant. If you’ve installed a new filter but your heat pump still isn’t running properly, contact us at 505-445-1250.

3. Heat Pump Making a Clicking Noise

It’s common for your heat pump to click after it begins. But if your heat pump is making a clicking noise during the full length of its heating or cooling cycle, call us at 505-445-1250. There might be something wrong with your capacitor, which switches on the motor.

4. Heat Pump Making a Grinding Noise

Grinding, or metal-on-metal noises, are never good. They’re often what happens when you forget about routine heat pump maintenance, which keeps your heat pump clean and lubed. When pieces get filthy or require lubrication, they can create loud grinding noises. Usually, this sound is signaling there’s an issue with your heat pump’s motor. We recommend switching off your system to prevent further damage. Then, contact us at 505-445-1250 for help.

5. Heat Pump Making a Banging Noise

If your heat pump is making a banging noise, we suggest turning it off and contacting our professionals at 505-445-1250 for assistance. A component may be unsecured and lead to added damage if you keep operating your system.

6. Heat Pump Making a Hissing Noise

When your heat pump makes a loud hissing noise, it’s often because it doesn’t have adequate refrigerant. Refrigerant might be low or there may be a leak, which is an environmental hazard. Both problems require the help of a certified technician, including one from I-Deal HVAC.

We realize heat pump problems can be frustrating, but it’s our aim to make the repair process as simple as possible. That way, you can resume your daily routine fast. When you need heat pump repair in Albuquerque, contact the I-Deal HVAC professionals at 505-445-1250 for quick, friendly service you can depend on.